ICFP 2023
Mon 4 - Sat 9 September 2023 Seattle, Washington, United States

We present a foundationally verified implementation of a reliable communication library for asynchronous client-server communication, and a stack of formally verified components on top thereof. Our library is implemented in an OCaml-like language on top of UDP and features characteristic traits of existing protocols, such as a simple handshaking protocol, bidirectional channels, and retransmission/acknowledgement mechanisms. We verify the library in the Aneris distributed separation logic using a novel proof pattern—dubbed the session escrow pattern—based on the existing escrow proof pattern and the so-called dependent separation protocols, which hitherto have only been used in a non-distributed concurrent setting. We demonstrate how our specification of the reliable communication library simplifies formal reasoning about applications, such as a remote procedure call library, which we in turn use to verify a lazily replicated key-value store with leader-followers and clients thereof. Our development is highly modular—each component is verified relative to specifications of the components it uses (not the implementation). All our results are formalized in the Coq proof assistant.

The artifact is composed of a virtual machine and a source tarball with all the needed dependencies of the project. Both share the same README.md file. This file is also provided directly in the base-image folder (obtained after unpacking the .tar.xz archive).